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GunGGunG Adventure

the spirit of culture adventure

New culture adventure in the east of Bali island

Located in the largest salak plantation area at Sibetan Village, Bebandem, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

With a local empowerment concept, all the activities supported by the local community and colaborate with the nature, culture and adventure activities.

To introduce and maintain the viability of Salak plantation, every guest who chose one of the GunGGunG Adventure activities will have the opportunity to explore, harvest and direct consume the Salak fruit from the tree.



All activities is insured, checked all gear, trained tour guide, special attention to the local environment to appreciate the local support and achieve our mission "safety standard is our priority and memorable trip is the main aim".

Bali is our Home! We consider ourselves very privileged to live on this island of natural beauty with its unique cultural heritage. Our Company's success is measured in whether or not we manage to share with our guests the enthusiasm and affection we feel for the "island of the gods."

Refreshing - Nature - Fun


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